Affordable Wood Fire Heaters in Geelong

    There is a size heater to suit every home. Our ranges include the smaller radiant heaters, the Cosy and the Cottage plus other fan forced heaters that vary in size, colour and design.There's nothing like a having a flickering wood fire to bring comfort and warmth to your home.Wood heaters use a highly renewable fuel source. These heating systems are ideal if you have access to wood from cultured forests or tree plantations. This way, no natural forest is harmed while you enjoy warm comfort in your home.

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    The difference between a fireplace and a wood heater is a standalone appliance with a flue - it can also be installed into an existing fireplace and wood heaters provide heat in one or a combination of ways:

    • Radiation - Very hot surface temperatures and heat by sending their heat out in all directions
    • Convection - heaters have ventilated casing around the firebox. Heat is distributed by convective currents, with cooler air being drawn in to rise between the firebox and the outer casting, keeping the outside of the unit relatively cool.
    • Fan Forced - sometimes electric fans may be used in conjunction with convection models to increase convective airflow.

    Our team mainly services residential properties, and our products can be made to measure to ensure that they're just right for you and your home. If you have any questions regarding our services, products or our team, then you're very welcome to get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you. You can reach us Monday to Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm and an after-hours service is available. 

    Simply give us a call on 03 5278 2222 for a free quote. 

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